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Aids to Navigation Section

Aids to Navigation such as lighthouses, beacons, buoys, storm signal mast, etc. in compliance of Lighthouse (amend) Act 1985 and as per IALA (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) guidelines are installed, operated and independently by the Section of Captain of Ports Office.

  1. Operation & Maintenance of Six Lighthouses with State-of-art equipment at the approaches of River Mandovi which are notified in the International Admiralty list of Lights.
  2. Operation & Maintenance of fourteen Beacons in the Inland Waterways of Rivers Mandovi and Zuari.
  3. Operation & Maintenance of Storm Signal Mast to disseminate warnings and adverse weather conditions to Mariners withing Port limits.
  4. Operation & Maintenance of State-of-art Lighted Navigational Buoys to mark shallow patch & navigable bridge piers in Mandovi and Zuari Rivers.
  5. Procurement of equipment & spares and maintenance of stores for all above Aids to Navigation.
  6. Monitoring Bridge Navigational Signs/Lights in the Mandovi and Zuari Rivers.
  7. Enforcing the provisions of the Lighthouse Act viz unobstructed visibility and functioning of the Aids to Navigation.
  8. Planning and execution for modifications to equipments/establishing of additional Aids to Navigation as per requirements in consultation with the Director General of Lighthouses and Lightships, Govt. of India.

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